A strange coincidence


This is a drawing I did 13 years ago, it's a scene from the movie Citizen Kane. The woman in the scene is the character based on the famous 30's actress, Marion Davies. She was the partner of publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst, which whom the main character of Citizen Kane was based on. Marion Davies was said to be the original owner of the Windwitch, and had her  commissioned to be built in 1949 by the Fellows and Stewart boatyard out of LA. . She had it built as a present for Hearst.  I did this drawing for an art class in a fashion school I dropped out of my first year, to instead apprentice at a classic car upholstery shop(better education). The drawing is the only thing I kept from school and survived the many purging of my belongings. Now what little I own accompanies this drawing on the Windwitch.